Cosmos Strategies: “No goal is too challenging”

Helping You

Achieve Your Vision

Implement focused solutions to assist you in reaching your goals by providing advice, working directly with you, developing strategies that fit your individual needs.

Improve Your Brand

Your brand is what defines you.  We help you create your message and tell that story across multiple channels in an appropriate and comprehensive way to achieve your objectives.  

Advance Your Business Performance

We will use our skill set to support you in implementing best practices to improve efficiency, and provide you with needed support in the areas where assistance is required.

Mission, Vision, Values - "Because Results Matter"

Why Cosmos Strategies

“We will use business to create positive change in the world” ~ Justin Ferguson, Principal, Cosmos Strategies
Here to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Cosmos Strategies was started to help clients breakdown barriers to their public relations, public affairs, and business success by working with them to achieve their vision, improve their brands and advance their business performance. The firm specializes in providing consulting services that businesses, not-for-profits, governments, and non governmental organizations can rely on.

At Cosmos Strategies it is recognized that goals aren't simply achieved; it takes hard work, determination, and perseverance to achieve the results you are looking for. We are here to help you achieve these goals and results by working with you on strategy development, public relations, strategic communications, public affairs, or specific project or campaign needs. Every situation is different, we pride ourselves on being able to adjust to an ever changing landscape or work across jurisdictions to fulfil our client’s requirements.

  • A Plan for You

  • Your Brand Matters

  • Shape Public Opinion

  • Determine and Reach Your Goals

Cosmos Strategies TEAM

Delivering Results that Clients Worldwide Can Rely On

Justin Ferguson

Justin prides himself on believing that no goal is too challenging and takes this ideology into every situation, whether it is running a marathon, raising money for charity, or helping businesses reach their targets.

James P. Ferguson

Senior Advisor
Jim brings over 30 years of government and public sector experience to Cosmos Strategies and prides himself on providing insightful advice.

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“The future will be defined by how capable we are to innovate” ~ Justin Ferguson, Principal, Cosmos Strategies

Corporate Responsibility - "We can all make a difference"

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