June 7, 2015


For everything we do, we believe in thinking differently, and we believe that no goal is too challenging; we have shown this in our personal lives and we have done the same for clients to help them achieve their goals. For us, every client matters. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, developing a course of action and implementing a plan to help them reach their objectives. We believe in always being available because we know that the day does not end at 5:00. Our clients can count on years of experience: in leadership roles, providing public relations and governmental advice, conducting media and communications training, performing audits and providing budgetary analysis.

We work with our clients:

  • Giving them strategic and operational advice;
  • Taking leadership or specialists roles internally to help them achieve success on a project or goals;
  • To achieve results with stakeholders; or
  • By implementing strategies that deliver actual outcomes.

Cosmos Strategies capabilities span a breadth of knowledge areas and we work with our clients to define how we can help them meet their mission and vision.

Public Relations & Communications:

When we work with clients on public relations and communications it starts with crafting a strategy, developing a plan, and is followed by unwavering execution.  Our experience has shown that you need to clearly define your goals, identifying your audience, and then build an appropriate message from there.

Your organization’s message is your brand, and the establishment of a solid message is crucial to success.  We work with you to develop this message and then implement a strategy to disseminate it to your audience in the most appropriate manner.  Every situation is different, but we are here to help you reach your objectives.

In our approach we work across multiple channels to ensure you are speaking with one voice when you are communicating at any level of your organization – whether to the media, a potential client, or a stakeholder.  Having a consistent message will help you define who you are and ultimately lead you to success.

Media & Communication Training:

You are launching a new product, service, or delivering a speech at a major event; you need to be on message.

All too often even the greatest communicators get tripped up. Do not let this happen to you.  We help you deliver a clear message that will resonate with your defined audience.  Cosmos Strategies teaches you how to get your point across, field questions, and control your body language to help you find success when it matters most.

Your ability to communicate your message will be what defines your success; we will help you reach your goal.

Issue Advocacy:

Once you have your strategy clearly defined, and if Advocacy is necessary, Cosmos Strategies has over a decade of experience working with different stakeholders to achieve their goals. Advocacy is about informing decision makers, shaping public opinion and creating success through action. Advocacy that is incorporated within a strategy and done properly can significantly support your goals.

When advocating your product or service, ensuring the public has a favourable view of your offering goes a long way towards helping you achieve success.  We will work with you to implement a strategy that informs the public of who you are, what your goals are, and provide them with the appropriate information to understand – and where applicable – advocate on your behalf.

Campaign & Project Management:

We are experienced in providing the leadership you require. Whether it is a political campaign or a project you need managed, Cosmos Strategies is able to provide you the support you need.   We will develop and execute a strategy that works with your team’s capabilities and utilizes proven campaign techniques that have been tested across different jurisdictions.

Media Monitoring:

Cosmos Strategies will monitor, review and provide you with up-to-date news on you or your industry, including providing insights on how to maximize media coverage to help convey your message.


Cosmos Strategies can provide an independent review of your practices and examine your books to ascertain if the information presented is true and/or whether efficiencies can be found.  We will examine, obtain evidence, and evaluate your operations to form an opinion on how you are doing.  The results will be presented to you in an audit report.

We can also work with you to develop internal audit practices and create guidelines that you can use to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Budgetary Analysis:

Cosmos Strategies will analyze financial and statistical data, expenditure patterns, and trends of either yours and/or government budgets to improve your business performance.  Whether it is improving your internal systems, or helping you understand and capitalize on government budgets, our team will provide you with the service you need.

We will provide you with reports on the effectiveness of your operations and where required develop financial and management control processes to help you achieve your vision in a more efficient way.